Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Excursion to Pushkin Museum in the village of Dolna

Taking advantage of good weather, before the arrival of the winter season, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, offered its beneficiaries a special opportunity to visit the Pushkin Museum where the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin lived intermittently during his exile period (1820-1823) in Moldova, at that time being the Besarabia region of the Russian Empire.
On the 17th of November, around 70 beneficiaries joined in to discover this museum, being one of numerous cultural and historical places of interest in Moldova. As the CCR is implementing partner UNHCR under the Local Integration Project, it organizes this kind of trips in order to promote local integration by raising the awareness of its persons of concern about the history and culture of their country of asylum.

The Pushkin Museum is a place worth visiting for different reasons. First of all, the rooms of the museum exhibit different belongings of Pushkin and the family that hosted the poet, which reflect the diversity of cultural influences on Moldova, mainly related to the Turkish and Russian Empires dominance. Apart from that, the beauty and tranquility of the park around by museum are truly inspiring, just as they were two centuries ago, when Alexander Pushkin was enchanted by the Moldova’s countryside.

In the two tour visits, one for Russian and another one for Romanian speakers, made by the guide for the CCR persons of concern, the latter received many interesting information on the life style of Pushkin and its hosting family in the XIX century.

Afterwards, the group could enjoy the autumn landscape all around the museum. Both children and adults were very pleased to have fun and walk around the vast park and its garden.

Of course, this excursion was also an opportunity for recent and established refugees in Moldova to get to know each other and to enlarge their acquaintances, which is really important for the new-comers in finding support for their integration.

CCR wants to express its gratitude for the Ministry of Culture’s support in organizing this excursion and for being open and helpful in their work for the benefit of refugees and asylum seekers.

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