Thursday, October 13, 2016

Discovering the cultural pluralism of Moldova - Excursion to Gagauzia

On Saturday, the 8th of October 2016, the Charity Centre for Refugees went on a field excursion to Gagauzia, an autonomous region in the south of Moldova. We visited the most representative local museums about Gagauz culture and history.
We had the occasion to learn that the Gagauz people have a proud history with their own specific culture and language. To preserve this, the region today enjoys a special autonomous state within the Republic of Moldova. Although, the origin of the Gagauz people is debated, most theories subscribe that the Gagauzians are descendants of a Turkic clan who after conflicts with other clans migrated and later converted from Islam to Christian Orthodoxy.
The field excursion is part of the Charity Centre for 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Celebrating the ending of Summer School for Refugee Children and National Holidays of Moldova

The Charity Centre for Refugees, Implementing Partner of UNHCR Moldova, organised on 29 August 2016 the celebration of „Independence” and „Our Language” Day and the ending of the Summer School for Refugee Children.
More than 60 refugees and asylum seekers attending the event found out the most important facts about the country where they live - Moldova. Thus, the participants, both children and adults, renewed their knowledge about our country. In this line refugee children sang the anthem of Moldova to honor the independence and national state symbols. In order to ensure that the information was understood, there was a quiz of questions. The participants who answered correct received presents. 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

CCR volunteers at the Festivals of Youth in Moldova

This August, the volunteer team from the Charity Centre for Refugees participated at two summer festivals related to the development and strengthening local civil society and supporting youth participation in Moldova.

First one, "Civic Fest- Moldova for the citizens" is an international festival which reunited the most strong and active NGOs. The Charity Centre for Refugees was represented by local and EVS volunteers. We had the possibility to promote our projects and give informaton regarding refugee situation in Moldova. Also, the visitors were able to buy handicrafts made by refugee children. On the other side, in the little makeshift town of NGOs we met new opportunities for building future partnerships. Meanwhile, our volunteers enjoyed relaxing atmosphere and entertaining program that organisers prepared for the participants: songs, dances, fairs etc.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Women's club: Traditional Arabic food - دعونا أكل!

During the month of August, the Refugees women’s club at the Charity Centre for Refugees held several gastronomic workshops aimed at preparation of delicious dishes of the Arabic traditional food.

Supported by the team of volunteers, the refugee women came together to prepare the most popular traditional Arabic meals, by sharing their knowledge and love for this art of cooking. 
The refugee women community invited the Head of UNHCR Moldova, Mr. Traian Ţurcanu and his wife, Mrs. Natalia to enjoy the event.

At these meetings we learned that often heavy on spices Arabic food plays an important role in Arabic hospitality where families can sometimes spend days preparing a wide variety of different dishes. For this women’s club the women prepared among others Musakhan (a chicken dish) and Tabbouleh (a very nice and fresh salad). As dessert the women had made Basbousa, a traditional sweet cake from Egypt. The event was met with great appetite, especially after a few hours of cooking most attendants where quite hungry.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

United Nations Moldova: Informative session on the Law No. 121 on ensuring equality at the Charity Centre for Refugees

The Charity Centre for Refugees, Implementing Partner of UNHCR Moldova, in collaboration with the Internship Initiative Group of UN in Moldova organized on 14 July 2016 an interactive discussion session regarding implementation of the Law No. 121 on ensuring equality.

The main goal of the session was to inform and explain refugees their inherent right to equality in the Republic of Moldova, also the content of the main national non-discrimination legislation and the tools of implementing equality principles.

The event gathered 32 participants – including refugees and asylum seekers, together with representatives from UNHCR Moldova and CCR volunteers, who had the possibility to talk and debate about daily life situations of discrimination being supported by the member of the the Council on the Prevention and Elimination of Discrimination and Ensuring Equality, Ian Feldman.