Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Scientific Conference – International Pedagogical Practice on “Migration and Consolidation of Intercultural Dialogue”

Concerned about the issues of global migration and motivated towards strengthening intercultural dialogue, on 1st of March young students from different Moldavian lyceums and gymnasiums met for a Scientific Conference – International Pedagogical Practice on “Migration and Consolidation of Intercultural Dialogue” at the Lyceum of Academy of Sciences Moldova.

The participants of the conference were students of high schools, also guests from Georgia, Turkey, Canada, Romania, Japan and Germany, representatives from the United Nations, local associations and organisations, including the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), an implementing partner of UNHCR. The main topics discussed in the forum were negative and positive consequences of migration, intercultural dialogue and patriotism.

The Scientific Conference on “Migration and Consolidation of Intercultural Dialogue” took place in two parts. The first part of the conference was dedicated to a simulation of the United Nations meeting. Hence, students from the high schools imitated representatives from Moldova, Romania, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany, USA, Canada, Afghanistan, France, Russia, etc., with regard to the issues of migration, consolidation of intercultural dialogue and impact on society. Participants were asking questions and making conclusions about the ways of strengthening intercultural dialogue between people.

Great attention was paid to communications of the representatives from the Galata gymnasium, who were discussing about internal problems of the country. At this conference, the Galata gymnasium shared their experience about refugees and asylum seekers who are studying in their school. Thus, the students of the Galata gymnasium, one of whom was an Afghan asylum seeker, presented a stage performance which was prepared with the help of the CCR Director, Mr. Djavid Paknehad. Students imitated asylum seekers’ journey from the country of origin to the host country, while CCR Director acted as a translator from Dari language (one of Afghanistan official languages) to Russian language. At the end of the performance, the student, who was acting in the role of an asylum seeker, thanked the Government of Moldova and the UNHCR Moldova for giving shelter and protection, possibility to attend school and all the benefits. It is important to mention that, the UNHCR Moldova and CCR are thankful to the Galata gymnasium’s administration, teachers and students for providing support and assistance to refugee and asylum seeker children. The local students of the school are tolerant and treat refugees and asylum seekers with respect and dignity.

In the last part of the conference, participants presented communications on migration and education issues. Furthermore, students organised a debate about consolidation of intercultural dialogue among different nations, with regard to increasing human migration. Finally, all the guests of the scientific conference came to an important idea, that migration process cannot be stopped, however people who are leaving their country should not forget about their roots and contribution to their country’s development, especially for the people who live there and need support and understanding.

Inga Lipovan - CCR Project Assistant


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