Friday, May 23, 2014

Workshop for the World Refugee Day at the Galata gymnasium

    On 20th of May, the Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), an implementing partner of UNHCR Moldova, together with its European volunteers organised a workshop at the Galata gymnasium, where refugees and asylum seekers study. The main idea of this event was to gather local children, refugees/asylum seekers and prepare a poster for the World Refugee Day, which will take place on 20th of June 2014 in ‘Stefan cel Mare’ park. In addition to that, it was very important to send a positive message from refugees and asylum seekers towards local community and to find out about integration of refugee/asylum seeker children in schools.
      The workshop began with a presentation by CCR staff about refugees/asylum seekers, UNHCR and its partners. Children were attentive and very willing to answer the questions. After that, proceeded the most interesting part – painting a poster. The enthusiasm and interest of the children made the poster very colourful and carrying a very important message: ‘Our power is in friendship and diversity’. 

      For a period of time, CCR has maintained a good relationship with the administration of the Galata gymnasium and has organised different events for the benefit of all who studies at this gymnasium. CCR appreciates this friendship and expresses its gratitude to the administration and pupils of the Galata gymnasium including other local schools for showing respect, support, understanding and friendship to refugees and asylum seekers.

Holly Langham – EVS volunteer from the United Kingdom at CCR
Inga LipovanCCR Project Assistant


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