Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Meeting with UNHCR persons of concern from Syria

On 24th of July 2014, took place a meeting with Syrian PoCs organised at the initiative of UNHCR Moldova. The event was attended by the UNHCR Programme Coordinator, Mr. Dinu Lipcanu, the Director of Directorate for Asylum and Integration, Mrs. Ecaterina Silvestru, as well as representatives of CCR and Ave Copiii. There were present more than 30 refugees, asylum seekers and BHPs from Syria.
The overall objective of the meeting was to inform Syrian refugees, asylum seekers and BHPs about the emergency support grant offered by UNHCR Moldova. Mr. Dinu Lipcanu gave a detailed information about eligibility criteria, types of support (business,
procurement of technique, finance for studies, home repair), amount of money, selection system and application information. Syrian PoCs had opportunity to address different questions and proposals. 

Inga Lipovan - CCR Project Assistant

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