Monday, September 14, 2015

Closing ceremony of the Summer School

During the summer time, Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) with the support of UNHCR organised enrichment activities for refugee/asylum seeking children two times per week Tuesday and Thursday. Refugee/asylum seeker children had Arabic lessons, art workshops (masks, paper-flowers, cards, puppet theater, clay animals, etc.), sports games and cinema.

All the efforts made by the children resulted in a feast on 25 August. The children showed the knowledge they learned during Arabic language classes, answering promptly to the brief quiz the
teacher organized for them. Also they played some group-games involving the spectators. The most culminate point was the puppet theatre, for which children were playing different characters and giving their own voices.

The participants of the day included Mr. Traian  Turcanu (Head of UNHCR Moldova), Mrs. Ecaterina Silvestru (Head of  Asylum and Integration Directorate),  representatives of Ave Copiii and CCR's staff. Every school age child received a rucksack donated by UNHCR on this special occasion; the most little ones were given pencils, pens and pen cups. At the end, CCR organized a sweet table in a cheering atmosphere.

Celeste PannoEVS volunteer from Italy at CCR
Federica Pulcini EVS volunteer from Italy at CCR
Inga Roman - CCR Project Assistant

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