Monday, March 14, 2016

Mărţişor workshop at the Temporary Accommodation Centre

On the 22nd of February 2016, the team of the Charity Centre of Refugees (CCR), with the help of the European volunteers, organized a workshop for asylum seekers and refugees at the Temporary Accommodation Center (TAC).
The aim of the day was offering to the beneficiaries a window to the Moldovan typical traditions and an opportunity to spend a nice afternoon together.
The art teacher Tatiana Presneacova taught the participants how to create the traditional talisman used to celebrate Mărţişor, an old tradition celebrated all over Moldova and Romania every year, on the 1st of March (in fact the name Mărțișor is a diminutive of March, Martie in Romanian). 
Within a short introduction to the Moldovan tradition of Martisor, the participants were told about the fact that this red and white threads tied into a bow to which a small talisman is attached, means the rebirth of life after the hard winter. 
They also learned that  it is believed that the person who wears the red and white string would enjoy a prosperous and healthy year.
The participants at the workshop, among them many children, got familiar to the tradition that we have in Moldova, while enjoying the relaxed afternoon.

Once the workshop finished, the beneficiaries enjoyed the refreshment offered by the CCR team in a cheering atmosphere.

Elenore Andersson  EVS volunteer from Sweden at CCR
Panno Celeste  EVS volunteer from Italy at CCR
Maria Pîslaraş - CCR Project Assistant

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