Monday, June 24, 2013

Picnic-celebration of the World Refugee Day

The World Refugee Day is the most important day of the year for the refugees around the world, as well as for those who dedicate their lives saving and protecting from danger those persons who didn’t have any other choice but to flee and seek shelter on unknown lands. This year, UNHCR decided to celebrate in a special way the World Refugee Day with its partners and persons of concern. Together with Charity Centre for Refugees, UNHCR organized a getaway-picnic to a charming place by the lake, in Costesti village, Ialoveni district.
This event gathered many representatives of UNHCR staff, its implementing partners’ staff, representatives of the Bureau of Migration and Asylum (BMA) and of the State Pedagogical University, representatives of UNHCR implementing partners NGOs from Ukraine and more than 120 refugees, beneficiaries of humanitarian protection, asylum seekers and their families.
All the people enjoyed the wonderful weather, the friendly atmosphere and had lots of fun together. Some,
especially the children, have played and learned to play different types of games and sports. The adults have availed themselves the opportunity to share their concern between each other and with UNHCR and its implementing partners, as well as with the BMA. This getaway also allowed the refugee women newcomers and those who already made their first steps towards integration to support each other with advices and to freely communicate on various topics. CCR is especially encouraging women to take an active part in their integration and to do more social bonding, in order to expand their circle of trust.
In addition, a group of active refugees and asylum seekers helped in preparing the meals and snacks for everyone.  CCR will always foster the voluntary work and active participation of its beneficiaries in this kind of events, as it strengthens the team work and mutually benefits all the parties.  

We hope that this picnic will become a tradition and that such occasions will be celebrated in the same merry and trustful ambiance.

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