Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Meeting with UNHCR Regional Representative for Central Europe

UNHCR Regional Representative for Central Europe, Mrs. Montserrat Feixas Vihe, attended on 27 November, her first official visit to the UNHCR implementing partner Charity Center for Refugees (CCR) since the inclusion of the Republic of Moldova as part of UNHCR Regional Office of Central Europe.

UNHCR representatives were welcomed by CCR staff and a group of refugees, who after a short speech, were invited to ask questions. Main concerns raised among the attendances were the lack of medical and financial assistance. Participants asked for assistance to pay for university fees, receive support to find job opportunities and etc.

All questions were addressed by the panel who also gave individual feedback on how to solve the concerns. Mrs. Feixas Vihe ended the meeting by mentioning the refugee crisis around the world but highlighting the efforts made by UNHCR Moldova to address refugees difficulties. 

Eeleonore Andersson EVS volunteer from Sweden at CCR

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