Thursday, December 17, 2015

Practical exercise in Ungheni

10 December 2015 a practical exercise took place in Ungheni to check the efficiency of Border Police representatives in case of a migrant, refugee immigration crisis. The simulation aimed to improve the professional skills, both theoretical and practical, in circumstances of a similar situation as the one faced by Europe in the recent months regarding the issue of migrants.

In the exercise were involved border guards, representatives of Civil Protection and Emergencies, the special National Army battalion "Fulger", the Bureau for Migration and Asylum, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Law Center of Advocates, the Charity Centre for Refugees and the Association “Ave Copiii”.

 Hundreds of local and international volunteers played the role of refugees and they put law enforcement in various difficult situations. Among them there were the students of the National College of Border Police and the Academy “Stefan cel Mare”, but also EVS volunteers and some beneficiaries of the Charity Center of Refugees who, according to the scenario, had been playing different characters (terrorist, victim of human trafficking, pregnant women, and people with special needs).

Panno Celeste EVS volunteer from Italy at CCR
Federica Pulcini - EVS volunteer from Italy at CCR

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