Thursday, May 19, 2016

Europe Day in Moldova

On May 14, in Chisinau the European town was inaugurated for the celebration of the Europe Day 2016 in the Public garden “Stefan cel Mare”.

The visitors had the opportunity to communicate and participate at various interactive activities, as well as learn about the projects implemented by the United Nations and financed by the European Union.

The Charity centre for Refugees, the implementing partner of UNHCR Moldova, together with the EVS volunteers, joined the UNHCR team to be part of the event, presenting, along with the other international organizations in Moldova, its activities in protecting the refugees and asylum seekers' community in the Republic of Moldova, and help them integrate through implementation programmes.

The public had the occasion to find out about how many refugees there are in Moldova, the countries they come from, their difficulties met in the integration process and how UNHCR and its Implementing partners support them in various directions of their life re-building process in the Republic of Moldova.

Maria Pîslaraş - CCR Project Assistant

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