Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Integration of the refugees in the Moldovan business market

In the framework of the business program, the Charity Centre for Refugees, Implementing partner of UNHCR, hosted yesterday, 24 May 2016, an informative meeting initiated by UNHCR and held by two consultants from NGO Open Government Institute.

The meeting was organized with the purpose to inform the refugees and the beneficiaries of humanitarian protection about the business trainings to be provided starting with end of May by the experts from NGO Open Government Institute, represented by the director, Mr. Nicu Crețu. The meeting started by a presentation made by Mr. Marin Dolința, the Senior Administrative/Programme Associate at UNHCR Moldova, who underlined the support that will be provided by UNHCR during this program. The training will focus on how to write a business plan for self-employment and entrepreneurship for the beneficiaries, interested in launching or/and extending a business in the Republic of Moldova. 

The meeting was attended by about 30 beneficiaries, who found out on the schedule and the program of the business training, the entrepreneurship knowledge and skills they may acquire from the training and how these competences will help them integrate in the Moldovan economic market.

Maria Pîslaraş - CCR Project Assistant

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