Monday, August 22, 2016

Women's club: Traditional Arabic food - دعونا أكل!

During the month of August, the Refugees women’s club at the Charity Centre for Refugees held several gastronomic workshops aimed at preparation of delicious dishes of the Arabic traditional food.

Supported by the team of volunteers, the refugee women came together to prepare the most popular traditional Arabic meals, by sharing their knowledge and love for this art of cooking. 
The refugee women community invited the Head of UNHCR Moldova, Mr. Traian Ţurcanu and his wife, Mrs. Natalia to enjoy the event.

At these meetings we learned that often heavy on spices Arabic food plays an important role in Arabic hospitality where families can sometimes spend days preparing a wide variety of different dishes. For this women’s club the women prepared among others Musakhan (a chicken dish) and Tabbouleh (a very nice and fresh salad). As dessert the women had made Basbousa, a traditional sweet cake from Egypt. The event was met with great appetite, especially after a few hours of cooking most attendants where quite hungry.

The Women’s club was organized with the aim of creating a place where refugee women can meet and share experiences. The women’s club offers a place where refugee and local women can come together in a safe and women only environment to develop new skills, share common stories and experiences.
The Charity Centre for Refugees would like to thank all the women and volunteers for preparing such a delightful dinners and making the women’s club such a success!

Dieter Eggen - EVS volunteer
Maria Pîslaraş - CCR Project Assistant


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