Thursday, August 25, 2016

CCR volunteers at the Festivals of Youth in Moldova

This August, the volunteer team from the Charity Centre for Refugees participated at two summer festivals related to the development and strengthening local civil society and supporting youth participation in Moldova.

First one, "Civic Fest- Moldova for the citizens" is an international festival which reunited the most strong and active NGOs. The Charity Centre for Refugees was represented by local and EVS volunteers. We had the possibility to promote our projects and give informaton regarding refugee situation in Moldova. Also, the visitors were able to buy handicrafts made by refugee children. On the other side, in the little makeshift town of NGOs we met new opportunities for building future partnerships. Meanwhile, our volunteers enjoyed relaxing atmosphere and entertaining program that organisers prepared for the participants: songs, dances, fairs etc.

​On the International Day of Youth, the volunteer team of the Charity Centre for Refugees participated at NGOs Fair at Youth Festival organized by the National Council of Youth in partnership with Youth and Sports Ministry, Rotaract, UNPFA and AIESEC. The organizers prepared a lot of activities such as: public disscusions related to youth problems and possibilities, NGOs Fair, Job and educational Fair, contests, musical program etc. During NGOs Fair our volunteer team informed visitors about opportunities we give to refugee youth in Moldova in order to increase the chances of integration and personal and professional development.

Doina Crăciun - CCR volunteer


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