Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Celebrating the ending of Summer School for Refugee Children and National Holidays of Moldova

The Charity Centre for Refugees, Implementing Partner of UNHCR Moldova, organised on 29 August 2016 the celebration of „Independence” and „Our Language” Day and the ending of the Summer School for Refugee Children.
More than 60 refugees and asylum seekers attending the event found out the most important facts about the country where they live - Moldova. Thus, the participants, both children and adults, renewed their knowledge about our country. In this line refugee children sang the anthem of Moldova to honor the independence and national state symbols. In order to ensure that the information was understood, there was a quiz of questions. The participants who answered correct received presents. 

Meanwhile, the atmosphere was enlivened by the children who prepared an exciting festive program for the participants and the guests. In that way, we wanted to celebrate the ending of the Summer School for Refugee Children - a three month project aimed to facilitate the integration of refugee and asylum seekers children. The participants of the project were awarded with diplomas and presents, also they sang, danced and recited poetries in their language.

Given the support of the CCR volunteering team, the CCR management awarded the volunteers with Diplomas of merit for their contribution provided within CCR projects for children and women.

Present at the meeting was the Head of the UNHCR Moldova, Traian Ţurcanu who encouraged refugees to continue the process of integration in Moldovan society and thanked the children for the performance they had organized.

Doina Crăciun - Local CCR volunteer
Dieter Eggen - EVS volunteer from Netherlands


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