Friday, April 27, 2012

State Flag Day celebration at TAC
At the CCR initiative and with the support of UNHCR implementing Partners, on 27 April this year, at the TAC, it was organised a Round Table on Moldovan Flag Day.

The TAC Director, Mr. Igor Prodan, congratulated all those present with the Flag Day and mentioned to all the TAC residents that one of the obligations of persons applying for Moldovan citizenship is to know the Constitution and the history of the host country, while the perspective of learning the local culture and customs by the foreigners is welcomed by the natives.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Easter Holiday Light entered the houses and the souls of refugees
Although they have different faiths and they are from different places of the globe, the refugees and their children, every year are celebrating, together with all Christendom,  the brightest and the most awaited day of the year- the Easter Holiday.
The beautiful initiative, which has already become a tradition, belongs to the CCR, which, with the support of UNHCR and Ave Copiii organized this celebration.
In the festive hall of CCR came almost all the UNHCR beneficiaries- the elderly, families and children, i.e. refugees, asylum seekers and the beneficiaries of humanitarian protection, for whom it was organized a show were took part adults and children.