Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween celebration at the CCR

Halloween is a modern holiday which history began in the present Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is celebrated on the 31st October, on the eve of All Saints. Halloween is traditionally celebrated in the English-speaking countries, but in the late twentieth century, tradition of celebrating Halloween has appeared in the most of other European and CIS countries.
  In the evening of October 31st 2012, at the Charity Centre for Refugees gathered more than 50 people in order to celebrate this fun holiday with unusual traditions for our country. For several years, CCR closely collaborates with European Voluntary Service (EVS) and the Peace Corps, and volunteers working at CCR are actively involved in organizing various events.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

United Nations Day celebration at Nisporeni

On the 24th October 2012, at Nisporeni was held the celebration of the 67th anniversary of the United Nations and 20 years of its activity in Moldova. On this day, with the support of the UN and the Swedish government was launched a project for street lighting in Nisporeni and three other communities in the area, in order to strengthen the local autonomy within the Joint Integrated Local Development Program.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

UNHCR Moldova organized an informative sessions for its beneficiaries on Family Aspects

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Moldova, organizes annually, for its beneficiaries, a training on family issues such as violence, drug addiction / alcohol, HIV / AIDS. Being already a tradition, this year the informative session was held at the Reception Center for Asylum Seekers on October the 20th. The event was attended by refugees, asylum seekers, beneficiaries of humanitarian protection as well as by representatives of UNHCR Moldova and NGOs partners. As guests of honor, the UNHCR Regional Representative Mr. Oldrich Andrysek, Representative of UNHCR Moldova, Mr. Peter Kessler and Mrs. Ecaterina Silvestru, Director of Refugee Directorate, vice-director of BMA.