About us

The Charity Centre for Refugees is a non governmental, non religious and an apolitical organisation. It was created in October 1999 with the support of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). It was incorporated in the Registration Chamber of the Ministry of Justice in the Republic of Moldova as an NGO in November 1999.

CCR objectives are:
a. to provide cultural, social and moral assistance to refugees and asylum seekers living in the Republic of Moldova and to offer them a place where they can meet, discuss their common interests, share their opinions, and find solutions to common problems
b. to facilitate the integration of refugees and asylum seekers into the Moldovan society
c. to promote anti-discrimination and increase tolerance towards refugees and asylum seekers
d. to inform the refugees and asylum seekers on the UNHCR and implementing partners’ work, their rights and duties, their opportunities of becoming self-reliant in the Republic of Moldova, etc.

The average number of visitors/beneficiaries of the CCR rose up to 35-40 persons daily.

The CCR's work is focused mainly on facilitation of the pre-integration of vulnerable categories into the society, i.e. organizing cultural orientation and extra-curricular activities. In co-operation with other NGOs, the CCR implemented various cultural and social activities for refugees/asylum seekers with a view to integrate them into the Moldovan society, to encourage their community building and self-sufficiency. Local population also is also encouraged to take part in these events in order to increase its tolerance and foster anti-discriminatory attitudes towards refugees/asylum seekers. 

Starting with 2000, the CCR was carrying out State language courses in order to promote the integration of refugees/asylum seekers into the local society. From 2011 till now, within the collaboration between Ion Creanga State University and UNHCR, CCR monitors and facilitates the organization of the State language classes. Starting from 2004, the CCR also keeps providing the interested refugees with Vocational Training in order to improve their skills and to increase their job opportunities on the local market.

CCR staff:
Djavid Paknehad - Director/Project coordinator
Inga Roman – Project assistant
Djongue Mikpokoi – Social assistant
Salifou Belemvire – IT/Social assistant
Tatiana Presneacova – Extra-curricular assistant
Valentina Smochina - Accountant