Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nowruz Celebration- supporting refugee’s traditions in Moldova

Nowruz, as well as the International Day of Nowruz (21st March), is the celebration of the New Year according to astronomical solar calendar for Turkic and Iranian peoples. Novruz Bayram is a national tradition that has no direct link with the Islamic customs.
Traditions of celebrating Nowruz are practically the same throughout the region and are preserved for centuries. Except that, in the last ten years, in the CIS republics of Central Asia, Nowruz celebration was officially recognized as a day off. The main day of the festival is the first day-21st of March. In the following thirteen days, people use to visit their relatives, buy and plant young trees, get together in cheerful companies on the background of the spring nature. On the day of Nowruz it is used to prepare seven dishes, mainly vegetative, while the most famous festive dish is samanak- dish prepared of germinated wheat germ.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

CCR is celebrating the International Women's Day 
Charity Centre for Refugees celebrates every year, the most important national and international holidays. One of the most beautiful and expected event- the International Women's Day- was celebrated this year,  without any exception, at the CCR office.
On this beautiful occasion, CCR prepared an entertaining program for all the guests, which included games, merry dances, songs and poems recited by the most little ones for their mothers, as well as gifts for ladies. The event was attended by about 80 people, both women and children as well as men. Men were actively involved in various competitions designed to entertain the beautiful ladies, while all the children were eager to congratulate their moms with a poem or a little song. The feast was embellished with two Indian dances, one being performed with the participation of the CCR Belgium volunteer.