What we do

Basic social services

  • Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR) provides its premises for refugees, asylum seekers, beneficiaries of humanitarian protection and stateless persons where they can organize meetings, openly discuss and solve their problems.
  • The Women’s Group Initiative, the members of which are refugee women, holds its meetings in the CCR office and can freely use CCR premises for its activities.
  • CCR renders laundry services to its beneficiaries both at its office and at the Temporary Accommodation Centre.
  • CCR accords a well-equipped gym-hall and a room featuring upholstered furniture, TV, toys, books and magazines.
  • CCR provides temporary shelter of one to three days to its beneficiaries in the cases of emergency.
  • CCR distributes  humanitarian  aid (food, hygienic items and clothes) received  from  other international organizations or NGOs.
Cultural and integration activities
  • The CCR as a UNHCR implementing partner organizes cultural and entertaining activities for its beneficiaries and their children on occasions of international and local holidays.
  • In collaboration with other NGOs and institutions CCR carries out sport events, ecological activities, where our beneficiaries participate together with the local population.
  • CCR holds excursions to the historical places of Moldova thus familiarizing its beneficiaries with Moldovan history, culture and traditions and facilitating the integration process.
  • CCR shares with the refugee community joyous events and support it in the moments of grief, providing its premises for moral and spiritual needs on the occasions of weddings, birthdays or remembrance days;
  • CCR carries out activities and supports those refugees who live in rural areas, collaborating with local authorities.
Educational activities
  • CCR informs its beneficiaries about the upcoming events, UNHCR partners activities, education issues etc.
  • CCR provides its beneficiaries and their children with computer courses and Internet services in our office and in the TAC.
  • CCR provides its beneficiaries with vocational training in order to enhance their self-reliance.
  • As all the refugees and stateless persons in order to receive Moldovan citizenship have to pass a Constitution and State language exam, CCR holds Constitution, history and culture lessons for refugees, providing them with examination tickets.
  • CCR monitors the holding of State language courses. Those beneficiaries who have an 80% attendance receive bus passes.
  • CCR carries out foreign languages classes taught by Peace Corps and EVS volunteers.
  • CCR holds extra-curricular activities for children and adults both in the Temporary Accommodation Centre and in our office, namely the classes of painting, ceramics, straw weaving, embroidering, and also performs video, PowerPoint presentations etc. CCR holds sewing and knitting workshops for refugee and asylum seeking women.