Monday, June 6, 2016

The International Children’s Day: A visit to Chisinau Zoo!

On Tuesday the 31th of May, the Charity Centre for Refugees organized a trip to the Chisinau Zoo to celebrate Children’s Day.
More than 25 beneficiaries, refugees and asylum seekers, children and their parents, set out to see the bears, lions, monkeys and all other animals that inhabit Chisinau Zoo. The event started at around midday with the gathering of all participants at the entrance.

After a short moment of greetings and some photos we all entered the zoo in search of our favorite animals. Thanks to the good weather and friendly atmosphere most beneficiaries spent a good great time together.
The International Day for Protection of Children (often shortened as Children’s day) was universally established in 1954 to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and to initiate action the improve the welfare of children around the world. It is a holiday in Moldova celebrated every year on the first of June.

According to data from United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees there are around 20 million refugees worldwide of whom half are under 18. These are people which are under horrific circumstances forced from homes and often face equally horrific circumstances in their search for a better life elsewhere. Especially for the many children among them this is a very traumatic experience which they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Children’s Day aims to create awareness of the horrible conditions under which many children, including refugee children, still live. Improving their conditions is unfortunately as relevant today as it was in 1954 when Children’s Day was officially instituted.

The Charity Centre for Refugees is of course more than happy to take their part in improving awareness on and actual life conditions of refugee children. A visit to the zoo is in a that sense a small step. However even small steps can help children be children and help them overcome the difficulties they have faced.

Dieter Eggen - EVS volunteer from Netherlands
Maria Pîslaraş - Project Assistant

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