Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Charity Yard Sale at RCTV "Memoria"

On the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, commemorated annually on 26th of June, the The Rehabilitation Center of Torture Victims Memoria organised a Charity Yard Sale in order to support victims and the survivors of torture. The goal of the event was to raise people awareness on issues of torture victims and to provide, in this way, more help and support to those who have gone through quite stressful life situations.
Bracelets, belts and Eco bags, room flowers, jewelry, toys and clothes for children, greeting cards and other handmade articles were available for sale at the fair. Beneficiaries admitted that handmade work is an opportunity to socialize and share experiences that bind also to learn something new and useful.

The Charity Centre for Refugees, represented by its volunteer team, supported the enrollment of the event and participated in it, as a partner by presenting handmade objects created by refugees that live in Moldova, some of them being, including beneficiaries of RCTV "Memoria", which is an opportunity to develop relations of friendship and support between the two organizations, but also to encourage victims of torture to continue their fight for a normal life.

At the event, visitors had the opportunity to meet and interact with beneficiaries who have made their own professed handmade objects, on the other hand they could find out work techniques applied to create handmade objects. Visitors to the fair were impressed by the variety of works made. They bought handicrafts, but also made donations.

Doina Crăciun- Local volunteer

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