Thursday, June 23, 2016

Moldova commemorated the World Refugee Day 2016 - We stand together #WithRefugees

UNHCR Moldova along with its implementing partners – the Charity Centre for Refugees, Ave Copiii, the Law Centre of Advocates and the Bureau of Migration and Asylum worked together to commemorate the World Refugee Day, by organizing a day full of cultural and entertaining activities to mark the day. The main scope of the event was to raise awareness of the local community on the fact that refugees are people like everyone of us, “to send a message to governments that they must work together and do their fair share for refugees”.
The event was held in Valea Morilor Park, Chisinau, on Saturday the 18th of June. The day consisted of different musical performances of, among others, the Orchestra of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A photo exhibition was presented by EVS volunteers showing the lives and contributions of refugees before and after reaching the Moldovan life.

Another exhibition was reflecting many celebrity refugees who after having left their country of origin made their valuable contributions to the hosting society. Furthermore there were different performances by refugees and refugee children with traditional dances, poetry and music, wearing colorful traditional clothes. The day was led by various speeches underlining the important contributions made by refugees’ everyday while also highlighting the importance of continued support for refugees in their fight for a decent life.

The Charity Centre for Refugees (CCR), mainly supported by the refugee community and the local and EVS volunteers prepared special handmade articles made by refugees during the handicraft classes organized by the CCR. Passerby’s could thereby not only acquire nice bracelets, paintings and other handicraft items but also support CCR in its further efforts to support refugees in the Republic of Moldova.

Starting with 2001, the World Refugee Day is held each year on the 20th of June in more than one hundred countries to recognize and celebrate the contributions made by refugees worldwide, and each year it has a slogan. The slogan of this year is: We Stand together with Refugee.

The event also aims to show the many positive contributions made by refugees while also raising awareness of the many issues still faced by millions of refugees every day. Especially in these times where millions are still forced from their homes combined with an up rise of xenophobia, the World Refugee Day is important than ever. We cannot allow public and political discourse to constantly portray refugees as economical profiteers or even terrorist when by far most of them are forced from their homes and are just in search of a save and humane place to life their lives and contribute to society.

The Charity Centre for Refugees would like to thank its partners, all visitors and everyone who helped out for showing the important contributions made by refugees all around the globe and making World Refugee Day 2016 a success.

Dieter Eggen - EVS volunteer from Neitherlands
Doina Crăciun- Local volunteer
Maria Pîslaraș- Project Assistant

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